Step By Step Video Instructions How To Get Started Earning ETH Daily With Forsage Decentralized Matrix Project!


First you need to Create Trust Wallet On  your Cellphone OR 
Install Metamask if you are using Pc/Laptop

  VIDEO 1:  ​Watch the Video to Create  

Trust Wallet  

for mobile user

  VIDEO 2:  Watch the video  how to install 



for Desktop or Laptop User

Step by Step Procedure How to Join Forsage Smart Contract

  STEP 1: How To Register FORSAGE


Your Sponsor Forsage Link:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡


  Step 2:   How To Upgrade FORSAGE

STEP 1: *Open trust wallet.*

STEP 2: Click on *DApps*

STEP 3: *Copy and Paste this link:πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ don't click on this link, only copy it when already have
                 money in your trust wallet  ►
                On the dapps browser, the search box on top, paste that link their and click on enter to

               Then it will take you to smart way Forsage site.

STEP 4: *Change your language to English, look right at the top, u will see RU*

STEP 5: Click on *register*

STEP 6: Click on *log in automatically*
             (If you do not see this button, you are on the wrong trait Go back and start again with trust

STEP 7: Click *to register*

STEP 8Click *approve* and your registration is done.

 *Remember: All this operation is done inside trust wallet.*

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